Industrial Union

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Industrial Union

A labor organization composed of members employed in a particular field, such as textiles, but who perform different individual jobs within their general type of work.


Labor Union.

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In the following essay I will describe how I use music in my discussions of the rise of the industrial union movement in Birmingham, Alabama.
When several of these same ERP representatives defected to SWOC in 1936-37, they gave the industrial union instant shop floor credibility, local leaders experienced with grievance procedures, and a following among skilled and semi-skilled workers.
The United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA), CIO, did not come of nothing; this splendid and militant industrial union did not just happen.
The decision by the Japanese Association of Metal, Machinery, and Manufacturing Workers (JAM) marks the first time an industrial union has clarified the specifics of a work-sharing model.
A woman, Mary Morton Kehew, was also involved; she was the long-time president of the Women's Educational and Industrial Union, which offered women classes in dressmaking and housekeeping in addition to legal aid and a salesroom for their handicrafts.
By allowing each industrial union to work hard for the victory of an election candidate it supports, it will create a multiplier effect and, as a result, lead to a victory of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)," Tsuda said.
Nelson notes that the UMWA's growth as an inclusive industrial union was matched by the Carpenters' Union's modified craft system, which accepted strategically placed workers from other industries in order to limit competition from those who were less skilled.
As the author of a previous study of the factory system during the height of industrialization and a volume on the United Rubber Workers, an industrial union whose membership came mostly from the Midwest, Nelson comes to his present subject well-prepared.
The Women's Educational and Industrial Union (WEIU) had been providing women with a variety of services and programs for twenty-five years by the time Bertha Mahony became a member as a Simmons student.
A general railway strike followed the boycotting of the servicing of Pullman cars by the American Railway Union (ARU), an industrial union headed by Eugene V.
At home, our co-founders include such business and trade associations as the Scientific and Industrial Union, the Union of Entrepreneurs, and the Union of Joint Ventures.
The Wobblies favored organizing all workers into one big industrial union, while the moderate leadership of the American Federation of Labor preferred to organize workers by their crafts.

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