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Licences to be issued for commercial production, food production, or science and research, to enable industry growth; The introduction of a new special research licence to allow research into cannabis that exceeds 1% THC threshold, to support the development of new or improved strains of industrial hemp.
This means that those who will be licensed to cultivate industrial hemp will be entitled to a subsidy," he said, adding that in order to qualify however, anyone who engages in the production need to explain the reasons for the production of industrial hemp and where and what it will be used for.
Seventy to 80 percent of what was grown last year was ditch weed," says Star Haeske, marketing and sales director at Glenwood Springs-based Envirotextiles, one of the largest importers and distributors of industrial hemp in the world.
In addition, US Hemp Oil is involved with industry advocacy, creating greater public awareness and media exposure for the nutritional profile of hemp seeds and the environmental benefits of growing industrial hemp.
Department of Agriculture last recorded an industrial hemp crop in the late 1950s, down from a 1943 peak of more than 150 million pounds on 146,200 harvested acres.
Present and potential uses for industrial hemp are numerous and include:
Living Tree, based in Eugene, Oregon, mixes industrial hemp and flax fibers with recycled office paper to yield a tree-free ream that retails for $6.
But the charity, Partnership for Growth, says the plants are industrial hemp, given to the villagers in a pounds 14,000 project.
Great theater for a misdemeanor trial that attracted adoring fans, the national press and advocates of industrial hemp.
In December, as part of an experiment sanctioned by the state legislature, University of Hawaii researchers began planting industrial hemp on a quarter-acre plot in Oahu.
Farmers, a hemp company and a trade organization recently sued the government to get a 26-year ban on growing industrial hemp lifted, claiming that Congress never intended for the crop to be illegal.

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