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Industrialist and Lawmaker Binod Chaudhary, who is also present at the meeting, said that the industrialists urged the Maoists to pave the way for ending political deadlock through High Level Political Mechanism and recommended not to launch the agitation before the promulgation of new constitution.
The other conference will address the requirements of industrialists particularly those involved with small and medium industries.
Soho House in Handsworth has gained a licence to hold civil ceremonies and will charge pounds 700 to hire the former home of industrialist Matthew Boulton.
Rather, Snodgrass asserts that "both company paternalism and revolutionary unionism were historical outcomes forged in the struggles between industrialists, the working class, and the revolutionary government.
The industrialists say that increase in growth rate was a good omen but it did not help the industry sustain profit/ margin due to crash in cement prices.
The industrialists stated in the survey that currency fluctuations and increased competition are their prime concern, Otsuji said.
For Brazil, with an economy more than twice the size of Argentina's and facing major obstacles of its own, complaints filed by Argentine industrialists, including automakers, carry little weight.
The number of optimists among Britain's industrialists exceeds the pessimists for the first time in nearly two years.
Samper is being investigated by the largely sympathetic Colombian Congress, and so far he has managed to ride out the crisis with the support of top industrialists.
Industrialists and military leaders disliked his presence with them on Government defense boards.
Packaging, the fulcrum on which the see-saw groans, weighted on one end by howling environmentalists, and on the other by howling industrialists.
Bondwell then was relocated to Shajing, Bao An County, PRC, in 1982, making Mak one of the first Hong Kong industrialists to launch a production program in China.