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Companies against whom cases were registered included Pakistan Beverages, bottlers of Pepsi owned by industrialist Siraj Qasim Teli, the SSP said.
It seems that we as industrialists and businessmen constantly need to mention the importance of the productive sectors which are the engine of growth and job creation," he said.
Shriraz Akram Bacha, a leading industrialist and member of executive body of SCCI, said that industrialists of the province should put their heads together and without support and collaboration of the federal government it might be difficult to achieve the desired objectives of strengthening the KP industry .
He adds that the Black Industrialists Programme places a particular emphasis on the need to strengthen and increase black participation and enhance entrepreneurial dynamism in the mainstream economy.
Embarrassed with the repeated comments by industrialists, she immediately left the award ceremony.
The understanding was reached during a visit of Pakistani industrialists to India.
Meeting industrialists of Aleppo, al-Hilal was confident Aleppo's factories and industrial facilities, which form 65% of the Syrian industry, would return to work and be better than before through national energies.
Naik said that with corporate and industrialists volunteering in large numbers to contribute for the 'Clean India' campaign, changes would be visible within next one year.
This victory is for all industrialists, without exception," he added, stressing that the real challenge lies in working for the interest of all industrialists and the development of national industry, as a whole.
Colombo, April 27 -- As their energy costs suddenly spiked, Sri Lanka's Industrialists who flocked to Industry and Commerce Ministry on the morning of 26 April began urged the supplier CEB to become more efficient and consider alternative sources.
Pakistan's textile industry is facing tough competition in international market owing high production cost on the other hand the industrialists have started looking towards India and Bangladesh for imports.
The industrialists' conference draws the attention and concern of decision makers and officials, in addition to a broad spectrum of businessmen and industrialists.