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If there were literally no switching costs, however, one would expect consumers in the inefficient market to switch to the efficient retailers given any retail price differential, including the price differential arising from uniform wholesale pricing.
The information on smaller space availabilities is in the hands of so many different people, it results in a random and inefficient market," points out Guy Shanon, CEO of Cityfeet.
TABLE 5 Four Scenarios in a Significantly Inefficient Market Acre Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 1.
It is not acceptable to complain about being misunderstood; or being subjected to short-term performance expectations when we all know the long-term plan will add value; or being victimized by an inefficient market.
The estimation process is subjective when the investment opportunity exists within an inefficient market, so tracking systematic bias would be difficult before the fact.
4 percent decline in the price index in 2010, given the shy demand for equities in a relatively illiquid and inefficient market.
was an unprofitable firm, NOT an inefficient market.
Employers' premiums rise as health system costs increase, leaving them at the mercy of cost shifting in an inefficient market.
Real estate is an inefficient market, and the late 1980s were proof of that.
The Minister also said that Indian agriculture faces a number of serious challenges like shrinking land, depleting water resources & inefficient water use, adverse impact of climate change, ineffective management of energy resources, shortage of farm labour, poor and inefficient market infrastructure, lack of access to appropriate technology, increasing cost and uncertainties of domestic and international markets and the biggest challenge which the country would be facing in the coming years shall be how to ensure food security in face of constantly growing population.
I especially enjoyed Jordan's insights into diversification, the inefficient market, and identifying stocks that are in their 'sweet spot.
Since then, he has led the transformation of what was an opaque and inefficient market into technology-driven Open, Transparent, and Connected financial marketplaces.