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INELIGIBILITY. The incapacity to be lawfully elected.
     2. This incapacity arises from various, causes, and a person may be incapable of being elected to one office who may, be elected to another; the incapacity may also be perpetual or temporary.
     3.-1. Among perpetual inabilities may be reckoned, 1. The inability of women to be elected to a public office. 2. Of citizens born in a foreign country to be elected president of the United States.
     4.-2. Among the temporary inabilities may be mentioned, 1. The holding of an office declared by law to be incompatible with the one sought. 2. The non-payment of the taxes required by law. 3. The want of certain property qualifications required by the constitution. 4. The want of age, or being over the age required. Vide Eligibility. Incompatibility.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And according to the section 184 of the Election Act of Bhutan (2008) on ineligibility of a Religious Personality to Participate in the Electoral Process, it's stated that a truelku, lam, any influential religious personality or ordained members of any religion or religious institutions excluding the laity, as determined/ registered as religious organizations or religious personalities under the provisions of the Religious Organizations Act 2007, shall neither join a political party nor participate in the electoral process as they must remain above politics and cannot use their influence for the benefit of any party or candidate.
Musharraf should return first and then we will review the matter of his ineligibility.
In the petition filed last March 5, Calida asked the SC to nullify Sereno's appointment over her ineligibility for the top judicial post and order her removal from office as a de facto official whose authority allegedly hinges on an appointment that was void from the start.
Meanwhile, the Agreed Sanction reads: 'A period of Ineligibility of three months shall be imposed.
"Taking into account the delays in results management that meant charges were not brought in respect of the nandrolone findings until June 2016, and the provisional suspensions that Tyson and Hughie Fury have already effectively served, the two-year period of ineligibility is backdated to 13 December 2015, and therefore expires at midnight on 12 December, 2017."
"The GAA Committee imposed a period of ineligibility of six months on Mr O'Sullivan following a hearing on February 13, 2017.
Main factors that affect the period of ineligibility
"In her appeal to the CAS, Ms Sharapova seeks the annulment of the Tribunal's decision to sanction her with a two-year period of ineligibility further to an anti-doping rule violation," sport's highest tribunal said in a statement.
Consequently, if they should commit any further act of corrupt conduct they are liable to (i) further separate disciplinary proceedings for breaches of the relevant Code or rules and (ii) in the case of Asif and Butt and where such breach occurs during the suspended part of their original period of ineligibility, the activation of that suspended period of ineligibility.
It grants juries the ability to recommend periods of parole ineligibility immediately following a guilty verdict in second-degree murder cases.
Thousands of entries and declarations are made each year without mishap, but something has gone badly wrong here for The Young Master's ineligibility not to have been picked up.
Tanzanian women of reproductive age can accurately determine whether they are ineligible to use combination oral contraceptives because of medical reasons such as blood clots or diabetes, according to a cross-sectional study conducted in rural and peri-urban regions (1) Overall, the women's own assessment of their eligibility or ineligibility, as aided by a poster depicting medically valid contraindications, agreed with the assessment of trained nurses in four out of five cases.