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To what extent is MOOC completion inequal between underprivileged and privileged groups?
It's Jazz supermini is consistently a strong seller with demand which is the envy of rivals, reliability which delights dealersandowners inequal measure, and which underscores choice with very good resale value.
Also, this kind of sampling can be optimal when the spectrum is in bands of inequal length.
The report highlights the inequal distribution of expenditure among the population, with the poorer 20 percent of the population accounting for only 7 percent of all consumption in Lebanon while the richest 20 percent accounting for 43 percent.
From the viewpoint of our simple model, the most important findings of our analysis are the results for INDSHEMP and INEQUAL.
Keywords: Regional history, regional development, inequal development, provinces, Argentina.
Post-hoc Spjotvoll/stoline HSD tests for inequal sample sizes indicated that departmental level players perceived the motivational climate as more performance-oriented than departmental level coaches, p < .
Edward Said tends to portray sonata form so persistently in terms of inequal power relations, against the background of Western cultural ideologies--largely passing over transgressions within actual sonata practice--that the relevant texts sometimes acquire a touch of Occidentalism.
In the case of Mexico, a new feminist movement in the 1970s that involved primarily students, middle class, and professional women questioned the inequal status of men and women in both the public and private spheres.