Inevitable accident

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INEVITABLE ACCIDENT. A term used in the civil law, nearly synonymous with fortuitous. event. (q.v.) 2 Sm. & Marsh. 572. In the common law commonly called the ad of God. (q.v.) 2 Smed. & Marsh. Err. & App. 572.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Inevitable Accident. [1] Among other things (that will he further discussed), what makes this hook special is that rather than dissecting history using a magnifying glass, the author focuses on the long-term approach of the past.
When the almost inevitable accident happened, it was because an operator fell off his seat on a tree loading machine on a city residential street - in daylight.
If We the People would amend the Constitution after the Loser President materializes--and I predict we would--why are we now just waiting for the inevitable accident to happen?
If the city council wishes this dangerous practice to continue, then when the inevitable accident happens, they cannot say they have not been warned.
In my opinion, this is extremely dangerous, as it may cause inevitable accidents. When people drive onto the main road in the area, they often do not spot the garbage bins immediately and have have to turn dangerously to avoid colliding with them.
How should we regulate them and ensure acceptable safety standards and deal with the inevitable accidents?
(4) If he succeeds otherwise in cooperating without too many frictions or slip-ups with China, Japan, India, Europe and Russia, in descending order, and with several 'emerging' countries, followed by some of Middle Eastern states (without an exceptional status for Israel), his road will be beneficial, notwithstanding the many inevitable accidents and obstacles.
With this flurry of Easter activity, however, also come the inevitable accidents and associated injuries that occur when things don't quite go to plan.
They are fitted to cover the shaped recess (CywellCO) in the wheel preventing the tyre from dislodging and leaving the rim in the event of a tyre burst or slow puncture, thereby preventing loss of control and otherwise inevitable accidents.
This seems to me to be an attempt to pass the buck to the drivers rather than planners before the inevitable accidents occur.
In the half-century that has followed, the advances in the medical facilities that are on offer at football grounds means that when inevitable accidents do happen, goalkeepers have never been in safer hands.