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In Chapter 6, Cooke defends a conception of the long run as an ideal guiding inquiry--preferring Carl Hausman's reading to Joseph Margolis' in one recent controversy--but avoids Karl-Otto Apel's infallibilist account of the long run as a necessary transcendental condition for the possibility of meaning.
I will ask two questions about this naturalist, externalist, infallibilist realism.
Phillips reads Gangesa as an infallibilist externalist; Saha and Bhattacharyya read him as a fallibilist externalist.
Skeptics and advocati diaboli dismiss premises that do not meet infallibilist standards.
Kant's fallibilism, along with the failure of both Descartes and Kant's own deductivist efforts, help show that the infallibilist assumptions involved in global perceptual skepticism are far from innocent or inevitable assumptions.
The infallibilists at Vatican I insisted that the internal logic of the passage led to only one conclusion.
49) At Vatican I Bishop Gaspard Mermillod of Geneva, an ardent infallibilist, "preached openly before the council on 'the three incarnations of the Son of God,' that is, in the womb of Our Lady, in the Eucharist, and in the pope.
shows how Felix Dupanloup, by the time he finally went public in opposition to the question being forced through the upcoming Council, was up against a "catch-22" situation, created perhaps unwittingly but then exploited to the fullest by the Jesuit Civilta Cattolic and other infallibilist organs.
The difficulty here is that not all formalists are infallibilists.
It is simply incorrect to pretend that all non-naturalists are infallibilists.
Each article--as well as the entire collection--serves to further the closure of the perceived gulf between faith and reason and to assist in diminishing the void between contemporary fundamental liberalists and doctrinal infallibilists.
Ironically, the more "modern" minority profoundly misjudged the power of public opinion in the Church, whereas the professedly antimodern infallibilists exploited it to the fullest.