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ALERT - Infection control nurse Brenda McNeil from South Tyneside General pictured with cultivated MRSA bacteria after they have been identified by lab technicians; FIRST DEFENCE - Brenda McNeil praises the work of domestics
infection control nurse Laura Ludman shows off the superbug postcards at Northfield's Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and below the new Bug of the Month calendars.
Angeline is the infection control nurse in a hospital the size of Middlesbrough's James Cook which treats 1,200 patients a day.
Laurence Lines, community infection control nurse, said: "The viruses which cause flu change every year so it is important to have a new jab.
THERE'S never a dull moment for infection control nurse specialist Carrie Turner, who works in Inverclyde Hospital, Greenock.
Catherine Cook, the hospital's infection control nurse, said hands should be cleaned "before you touch a patient and after you touch a patient".
A bone scan revealed several 'hot spots' on her joints and an infection control nurse told her that a sample had tested positive for salmonella.
From the start, we placed these gels where sinks were not available, such as on isolation carts, linen carts, medication carts and resident kitchens," said Adrienne Camara, infection control nurse for the veterans' home and chair of the Long Term Care section of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, an international organization with more than 110 chapters in the United States.
Thereafter, infection control was supervised weekly by an infection control nurse and every 3 weeks by an infectious-disease specialist.
The hospital had a medical records department, a staff of utilization coordinators, and an infection control nurse before the profile system was established and added a quality assurance/risk management coordinator shortly after it began to develop the physician practice profiles.
This book also outlines the role of the medical consultant, consultant nurse/ specialist infection control nurse, hospital matron, ward link nurse, ward sister, staff nurse, trust management etc to give a strategic overview of the management and organisation needed in terms of roles and responsibilities in relation to infection control.
Lead infection control nurse Jean Robinson, said: "We are delighted to be able to get this furniture on to our wards for our patients.

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