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Atoms, for instance, have an infinite number of discrete energy levels that are analogous to Hilbert hotel rooms.
e) there are at least a straight line and a point exterior to it in this space for which any line that passes through the point does not intersect the initial line; [an infinite number of parallels, all lines passing through the point]
Then consider that that many, the number or numerical-size (cardinality) that you are thinking about, is the first infinite number.
But its core asset remains the image of Kitty and its ability to dress her in an infinite number of different costumes and put that image on an infinite number of products.
UNIVERSITY students wanted to test the theory that an infinite number of monkeys, tapping away on an infinite number of typewriters, would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare.
It's an infinite number, and there are no repeating patterns.
The graphics are all generated based on rules that produce an infinite number of outcomes.
Most important, though, was his personality and ability to grow to meet an infinite number of new challenges.
Textra provides artistic expression through a combination of 15 textures and an infinite number of paint colors.
This permits easy switching between a variety of contact, delay line and immersion transducers to solve an almost infinite number of measurement problems.
Even the future of artistic "genius" is unclear in a world where technology offers creators an infinite number of chances.
Besides the mineral industry, Dasys says, the technology has an infinite number of applications ranging from sports research to construction to medicine.