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His eye happening to light upon John Baptist with this inquiry, that little man briskly shook his head in the negative, and repeated in an argumentative tone under his breath, altro, altro, altro, altro--an infinite number of times.
When we reflected that this was not a solitary phenomenon, never to happen again, but that it would happen forever and ever, an infinite number of evenings, and cheer and reassure the latest child that walked there, it was more glorious still.
It is excusable to grow enthusiastic over the infinite numbers of organic beings with which the sea of the tropics, so prodigal of life, teems; yet I must confess I think those naturalists who have described, in well-known words, the submarine grottoes decked with a thousand beauties, have indulged in rather exuberant language.
A new technique that manipulates the twistiness of light is the optical equivalent of a mathematician's thought experiment for creating more space in a hotel with an infinite number of rooms.
The former D:Ream keyboard player says current scientific thinking dictates "an infinite number of universes, an infinite number of copies of you and me, the existence of the whole thing is inevitable.
There is an infinite number of primes, just as there's an infinite number of natural numbers - because, well, how could there not be?
A MATHEMATICAL theorem states that an infinite number of monkeys armed with typewriters could, if given an infinite amount of time, come up with the complete works of Shakespeare, or maybe it was the Mabinogion.
In addition, any smart phone device (iPhone, Galaxy S, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, and Blackberry) running on operating systems such as (iOS, Google Android, Smibian^3, and Windows Phone 7) or any Personal computer or Laptop (Windows, MAC, Linux), can work without a SIM Card and with the ability to customize infinite numbers on one device and ability to share one number among infinite number of devices.
There are an infinite number of reciprocal numbers between 0 and 1.
Something about if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters one will eventually end up randomly typing the complete works of Shakespeare.
If 1 was a 2-D vertical line, then it wouldn't matter if an infinite number of ones were used: There would still be all the 3-D space left.
Of course, online collaboration has an almost infinite number of uses, from student projects and brainstorming sessions to anonymous surveys and group discussions.