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If the knowledge network follows power-law degree distributions and if this network has sufficiently high heterogeneity, even infinitesimally small knowledge transmission rates can make tacit knowledge exist and spread continually in the organization.
The chances that it wouldn't have disintegrated prior to fossilization were infinitesimally small.
Many years ago when I was carrying out electrical ground tests at the then Llanelli power station there were two (if memory serves me correctly) relatively small wind generators on site, which when enquired about, were regarded simply as 'toys-for-boys' and I would suggest the only difference these days is that the toys have got very much bigger, although unfortunately at the expense of countryside degradation, devaluation of property, threat to health, slaughter of both bats and birdlife, infinitesimally small reduction in UK carbon emissions as to be absolutely laughable on a planetary scale, and last but not least, no security of supply
Credit insurance Companies in the Middle East are gradually realising the value of credit insurance, but the percentage of trade covered by such insurance is infinitesimally small.
And by seeding the patented n-dimensional recessive coding structure into scaling, the encoded collective knowledge of any hive is infinitesimally small, and yet the performance gain of additional processors is nearly exponential.
But according to some theories of quantum gravity, which deal with matter and energy at the smallest scale, spacetime is made up of a froth of particles and possibly even black holes that pop in and out of existence over infinitesimally small moments at the so-called Planck-length scale, which is less than a trillionth of a trillionth the diameter of a hydrogen atom.
The chance of getting this one right is infinitesimally small.
Irradiance (planar) at a specific point is defined as the UV power per unit area received on one side of an infinitesimally small flat surface on which the specified point resides.
There are many more poignant passages in this novel (and many others) that I could have fastened on, but this one struck me--not only because of the impossibility of that fractal image, but also because of the impossibility of the seeing itself--the vertiginous shifting of scales from the person, to the face, to the eyes, to the tears, and then to the infinitesimally small images in the tears.
But even if I am wrong about that, what I am totally convinced about is that the tiny, stupid little contribution towards reducing CO2 by wind turbines in the UK is so totally infinitesimally small, it can't possibly make the slightest bit of difference to global emissions.
They had to be delivered by Ceasarian section otherwise the chances of them living would have been infinitesimally small.
But that's an infinitesimally small dent in the more than 3 million acres of Colorado timber that the beetle is estimated to have killed.