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The 'new' logo (already in use for degrees), will gradually replace the current logo with the infinity symbol.
The cars will carry a distinctive red licence plate with an infinity symbol on the left side.
Cans feature the strapline 'naturally energising' and feature two lizards, which are meant to depict the ancient figure-of-eight infinity symbol.
The logo, which resembles the infinity symbol, aligns the letters in a single stream to embody the bonds that organically link people, goods and information, and lead to new innovation.
Notice that the line connecting the two tables has a 1 on the Customer table side and an [infinity], or infinity symbol, on the Order table side.
Also when you turn eight on its side, you get the infinity symbol.
uk Avon's new Empowerment bracelet features the infinity symbol on a blue elasticated cord aiming to represent the idea of women around the world living with no limitations.