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INFORMER. A person who informs or prefers an accusation against another, whom he suspects of the violation of some penal statute.
     2. When the informer is entitled to the penalty or part of the penalty, upon the conviction of an offender, he is or is not a competent witness, accordingly as the statute creating the penalty has or has not made him so. 1 Phil. Ev. 97; Rosc. Cr. Ev. 107; 5 Mass. R. 57; 1 Dall. 68; 1 Saund. 262, c. Vide articles Prosecutor; Rewards.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Since 2013, over a six year period, West Midlands Police spent more than PS1 million on informants, according to a Freedom of Information request by the Express & Star.
At the time of writing this article, usable data were only available from three groups of informants, Danish, Israeli and Slovene university students, all partaking in the experiment with English as L2.
The FBI aggressively recruits informants, often trading clemency for criminal acts or promising legal status for immigration infractions in exchange for informing on their communities.
Some informants report hundreds of cases at a time and, in densely populated areas such as Toufen Township, Zhunan Township, and Miaoli County, there are now many "professional informants."
Informants Code Anonymous Sex Country Length of Stay Occupation KI-A Jourdy Male South Korea 7 months Employee KI-B Risa Female South Korea 3 months Student KI-C Feri Male Dutch 7 months Employee KI-D Agus Male Slovacia 7 months Student KI-E Dimas Male Japan 3 months Student KI-F Luna Female Vietnam 5 months Student Interviews were conducted with in Indonesian language and English.
The informants, who wore masks and sunglasses to conceal their identities, received the reward at the agency's main office in Quezon City on Monday.
Informants can get even higher prize if they can information about undisclosed foreign assets, cases of tax evasion and benami transactions.
During the court hearing of Omar Mateen, involved in shooting at Pulse nightclub in Florida in 2016 where 49 people were killed, the judge was informed that Omar's father was an FBI informant from 2005 till 2016.
GMP has paid almost PS1m to informants in the last seven years - but the annual outlay has fallen dramatically in Managing is a very to do consuming GMP informant that period to a low of PS95,066 last year, compared to PS182,688 in 2011/12, according to figures obtained by the M.E.N.
Northumbria Police's former chief constable Steve Ashman defended the decision, saying: "There are dangerous men behind bars now and vulnerable people protected that would not have been the case had we not used that informant."
In a simple ceremony at the PDEA headquarters in Quezon City, the informants received the incentive, which falls under the PDEA Operation: Private Eye (OPE), a reward and incentive scheme designed to encourage private citizens to report any suspected illegal drug activity in their community.

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