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Summary: Foundations as Information Brokers When all is said and done, foundations must bear in mind that being information brokers does not come without challenges.
The bill amends the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to cover communication of personally identifiable information by information brokers and imposes an affirmative, continuing obligation upon consumer reporting agencies to respect the privacy of consumers and to protect the security and confidentiality of their nonpublic personal information.
Business integration company Sterling Commerce is to provide Sterling Information Broker to The Kroger Co, a US-based grocery retail chain.
Information brokers for e-business provide facilities such as locating information on Web sources or other agents that are required to solve a common problem, for example, sales and distribution processing, by name (white pages), by capabilities (yellow pages), content-based routing, or problem decomposition.
ASIC Alert is a service whereby subscribers can request that an ASIC-recommended information broker keep an eye on a particular company and automatically notify the subscriber of any changes relating to the company.
Diverse providers, information brokers, universal coverage, empowered consumers
In the late '90s, Hummingbird was one of the first companies promoting the "Information Broker" paradigm, which is premised on the new era of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)--a new architecture that exploits Web services, messaging middleware, intelligent routing and transformation.
On the site, Youens mentioned that Docusearch, a Florida "information broker," was his source for locating her.
Another information broker, Hi-Tek Information Services of Studio City, California, boasts that "now you too can learn everything about your friends, neighbors, enemies, employees or anyone else!--even your boss!" Through its Web site on America Online at, Hi-Tek says it can find information on credit, current or past employment, military service, adoption and mail order purchases, as well as get addresses, unlisted phone numbers, driving records and court transcripts.
Dig Dirt bills itself as an "information broker" kits Web page can be accessed through
Despite the lack of a rigid hierarchy, members typically fall into one of several roles - leader, check procurer, counterfeiter, information broker, or check passer.

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