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Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey

I had a vehicle repossessed, it was re-sold and I now have a judgment against me for the balance. Recently I received a letter requesting personal information called an "Information Subpoena". Is there a way to avoid giving my personal information? I'm on welfare now and not working. Will this affect my benefits?


You can just not answer but they may then go to court and get an order; you could answer that you indeed have no assets etc.--your disability is normally protected...
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Cuba was immune from Vera's action, the District Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to enter judgment against it, and the information subpoena to enforce that judgment is void." (Page 312-313).
That report, based on information subpoenaed from the banks, does not identify individual bonus recipients or their jobs.
It was about ten years ago that a law firm involved in a dispute with Washington Business Information subpoenaed the association demanding every word we'd ever published on copyright in the association's newsletter and special reports, etc.

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