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The SLP InfoWare integration with Siebel eCommunications contains graphical components embedded in the application views that provide behavior predictions and recommendations.
SLP InfoWare collaborated with Hewlett Packard on the implementation of the systems purchased by SingTel Mobile, successfully completing the project within five months.
SLP InfoWare helps telecommunications providers to add millions of dollars to their bottom line by reducing churn -- customer non-renewal -- in their subscriber base by as little as 1%.
Prior to Infoware, Messer held several senior sales and marketing positions at Evolutionary Technologies International, Edify Corporation, and Periphonics.
The alliance with SLP InfoWare reinforces Siebel Systems' commitment to provide communications customers with eBusiness solutions that are easy to deploy and provide a quick return on investment.
The Internet Alley corridor houses high profile software and infoware tenants such as AOL, Microsoft, SAP, Inktomi and RSA/Security Dynamics.
com will input their customers' specific software requirements into an on-line search engine, powered by InfoWare, Inc.
Prime Response, sbasoft, SLP Infoware, Spider Technologies,
Other sponsoring vendors include: Arbor Software, Comshare, HNC, Holistic Systems, Informatica, Information Advantage, IQ Software, Lingo Computer Design, MicroStrategy, Pilot Software, Planning Sciences, Sagent Technology, slp InfoWare and TM1.
Gemplus, the world's leading provider of smart card-based solutions, security and wireless applications, today announced the acquisition of SLP InfoWare Inc.
District Court Chief Judge Paul Magnuson on August 17 in Minneapolis, restricts Infoware, a software development and consulting firm based in Cocoa Beach, Fla.
Versata trained over 250 developers in the third quarter 2000 and signed over 15 new partnerships: including PSINet, Dunn Systems, Infoware, Logys, NetNumina, Pronto Solutions, Rubus and Symatrix.