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Violation or infringement; breach of a statute, contract, or obligation.

The term infraction is frequently used in reference to the violation of a particular statute for which the penalty is minor, such as a parking infraction.


noun breach, breach of faith, breach of law, breach of orders, breach of privilege, breach of prommse, breach of the peace, breach of trust, breaking, crime, default, defiance, defiance of orders, encroachment, evasion of duty, failure, failure of duty, infringement, inobservance, nonobservance, nonobservance of rules, offense, omission, overstepping, refusal to obey, transgression, trespass, violation, violation of law, violation of orrers, wrong
Associated concepts: infraction of rules, infraction of the law, traffic infraction
See also: bad faith, breach, delinquency, disregard, encroachment, illegality, infringement, invasion, misconduct, misdeed, offense, omission, perversion, sedition, transgression, violation, wrong

INFRACTION. The breach of a law or agreement; the violation of a compact. In the French law this is the generic expression to designate all actions which are punishable by the code of France.

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The teleconference, with infractions committee member and associate Southeastern Conference Commissioner Gregory Sankey, is scheduled for 8 a.
Its main objective is to allow victims to obtain fair compensation once the infraction has been identified and punished.
The team also rigorously registered each of the infractions to the principles of the self-regulation code.
ANI - Le porte-parole officiel de la Finul Niraj Singh a assure mardi qu' aucune infraction de la ligne technique Ea Kfarchouba n' a ete signalee, en riposte Ea certaines informations relatees par les medias sur des violations israeliennes en cette region.
Subdivision (g) is amended to allow training on boating infractions to be included in the curriculum for hearing officers.
Disciplinary infractions can be costly to a correctional program, its clients and the staff.
Shareef el Zo'bi et en coopE[umlaut]ration avec le MinistE re franE*ais des Affaires E[umlaut]trangE res, le MinistE re franE*ais de la Justice et l'Ambassade de France Ea Amman s'est tenue lundi dernier un sE[umlaut]minaire franco-jordanien sur les infractions informatiques et les politiques de protection contre ces dE[umlaut]lits.
Spacey refused to provide a written apology but would agree to a personal apology, It became evident that Royal Caribbean would not enforce its own policies regarding infractions.
Forty-nine percent had been convicted of a felony, 49 percent of a misdemeanor, and 2 percent of other infractions.
These minor infractions derail teachers and nibble away at teaching time, says Jean Johnson, senior vice president at Public Agenda.
Included in the new or changed sanctions are provisions to sanction charities for minor infractions of the Tax Act through education of charitable organizations and their employees so that they understand the compliance rules.