Inherent power

INHERENT POWER. An authority possessed without its being derived from another. It is a right, ability or faculty of doing a thing, without receiving that right, ability or faculty from another.

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And in that is the inherent power of the Principles, which we will not allow to be diluted.
Paxton and Cole's contemptuous attitude and acts have consequences far beyond the single case of John Stone-Hoskins, whose situation is hardly unique," the attorneys wrote, adding that Garcia should exercise "his inherent power of contempt" to ensure state officials abide by same-sex marriage rulings.
Christine, a semi-professional dancer, pirouetted from science to film, recognizing the medium's inherent power to tell stories and ignite change and says, "What you love should form the foundation for your life's work and that's why I do what I do.
Now let's take a deeper look at why the company brand can have so much inherent power.
In short, the project will explore the inherent power and limitations of a novel paradigm, Adversary-Oriented Computing (AOC).
This message is supported by ideas of 'giving permission', 'believing in yourself', and the inherent power in everyone to choose their thoughts and, conversely, their reactions to life's slings and arrows.
The state is something that does not trust anybody else and that assumes inherent power.
While at first glance this may seem like an odd, or even outrageous, contention, in fact the Supreme Court has recognized the inherent power of federal courts to do something strikingly similar over twenty years ago in the case of Missouri v.
Beginning with the Korean War, however, presidents have claimed inherent power to disregard statutory limitations on their authority to conduct military campaigns (Barron and Lederman 2008b, 948).
361) This is subtly different from the implicit power theory; under the inherent power theory, eminent domain was not linked to any granted power.
Narrative analysis was used to compare, contrast, and synthesize six themes describing the common negative encounters: (a) ignoring or minimizing their knowledge, (b) detached interpersonal interactions, (c) placing a negative skew on their life quality, (d) lack of HCP knowledge related to their complete needs, (e) assuming they should be asexual and childless, and (f) an inherent power differential.
Anyone in sales, marketing, customer service or an entrepreneurial pursuit can benefit from harnessing the inherent power of a brief, interesting and externally focused message about what they do.