Inherent power

INHERENT POWER. An authority possessed without its being derived from another. It is a right, ability or faculty of doing a thing, without receiving that right, ability or faculty from another.

References in classic literature ?
But if some one who would rather not admit the immortality of the soul boldly denies this, and says that the dying do really become more evil and unrighteous, then, if the speaker is right, I suppose that injustice, like disease, must be assumed to be fatal to the unjust, and that those who take this disorder die by the natural inherent power of destruction which evil has, and which kills them sooner or later, but in quite another way from that in which, at present, the wicked receive death at the hands of others as the penalty of their deeds?
The Chief Justice, who was compelled by her fellow magistrates to take an indefinite leave from the Supreme Court amid her imminent impeachment trial in the Senate, also spoke out against bullying and misogyny as she reminded women of their inherent power to bring about change in society.
The spokesman to the CJN reiterated the CJN's appeal to litigants, advocates and the public to refrain from making unsubstantiated and malicious allegations and complaints against Judicial Officers, and reminded Judges to consider invoking their inherent power of contempt where there are clear violations or infractions in respect of matters that are subjudice.
While the inherent power to manage a court's docket rests with the court's discretion, considerations of fairness to the opposing party mandate a presumption in favor of denying a motion to stay.
As she says, 'the resistance to globalisation is far from futile because there is one problem that will always remain with capital: it's ultimate dependence upon, and therefore the inherent power of, labour'.
The remarks came as the Maharashtra government defended the new law, saying that it was part of their inherent power to police the state.
Louis whether their conduct abused the federal court system and whether the court had inherent power to sanction them for it.
The Tribunal in the exercise of its inherent power may hold in contempt those who knowingly and wilfully interfere with its administration of justice, including any person who
Christine, a semi-professional dancer, pirouetted from science to film, recognizing the medium's inherent power to tell stories and ignite change and says, "What you love should form the foundation for your life's work and that's why I do what I do.
Now let's take a deeper look at why the company brand can have so much inherent power.
This message is supported by ideas of 'giving permission', 'believing in yourself', and the inherent power in everyone to choose their thoughts and, conversely, their reactions to life's slings and arrows.