Inherent power

INHERENT POWER. An authority possessed without its being derived from another. It is a right, ability or faculty of doing a thing, without receiving that right, ability or faculty from another.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
References in classic literature ?
But if some one who would rather not admit the immortality of the soul boldly denies this, and says that the dying do really become more evil and unrighteous, then, if the speaker is right, I suppose that injustice, like disease, must be assumed to be fatal to the unjust, and that those who take this disorder die by the natural inherent power of destruction which evil has, and which kills them sooner or later, but in quite another way from that in which, at present, the wicked receive death at the hands of others as the penalty of their deeds?
Pagcor, local governments do not have the inherent power to tax except such power as may be delegated to them by law.
Fiction, dear folks, tramples reality not due to some inherent power it has but because it empowers us to see beyond the limitations imposed on us by reality.
He said the government should serve as "supreme guardian" of those who are physically disadvantaged, citing the inherent power and authority of the State to act as the parent of any citizen who is in need of safeguard and protection.
'I also need to reiterate that, as a general rule, a court has an unfettered discretion under its inherent power to either grant or refuse an application for stay of proceedings and in exercising the discretion, several factors are taken into consideration.
With all business units working toward the common goal of opening up the opportunity of travel, we are confident that Seera has the talent, knowledge and capabilities to grow commercially, socially and geographically." He added: "Our opportunity now is to recognize the inherent power of travel to take us all further.
In short, we can make the masses of our people contented and happy, and capable of realising their inherent power to appreciate knowledge and beauty, and to live in peace and harmony with themselves as well as with their neighbours.
But they both have a deep inherent power," the creators added.
Given the academy's inherent power dynamics, most of us put up with having to read lousy writing as part of our acculturation as scholars; wearily tramping through turgid texts became a rite of passage, even a badge of honor.
In "Where I Am," Andra Neiburga characterizes Latvians as "a people bound up and numbed by northern darkness." Despite the inherent power of focal caricature, the people from whom we hear most often seem to feel or project that their lives are of little importance.
It held that the Senate's inherent power of contempt ends when its legislative inquiry of a specific issue concludes, or specifically upon approval or disapproval of the committee report and/or upon the expiration of one Congress.
But the district court did not err in denying their post-judgment motions for leave to amend.<br />Categorically requiring a district court to first provide a "definitive ruling" before dismissal with prejudice impedes a district court's inherent power to manage its docket.