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Lactose intolerance results from a lactase deficiency - an inherited trait.
Ovide Pomerleau, director of the Behavioral Medicine Program, University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry, suggests that vulnerability to nicotine dependence may be an inherited trait.
The inclination towards promiscuity can be an inherited trait, according to a new research.
They soon found that the ability to taste PTC is an inherited trait.
However, Wilson responds, a group consists simply of a set of individuals influenced by the expression of an inherited trait, even if the group assembles intermittently and some of its members leave or enter at various times.
London, Sept 30 (ANI): An international team of scientists have found that a seemingly simple inherited trait - height - springs from hundreds of genetic causes.
Breeders, knowing that steers' propensity for marbling is an inherited trait, could benefit from ultrasound data on feedlot steers from different bulls.
According to Stanley E Nelson, a postdoctoral fellow in Browns laboratory, researchers using conventional linkage analysis may have to check scores of markers, one by one, to track down an inherited trait.
Years of direct observation have led two scientists to suggest this altruism is an inherited trait that gives the "helper" bird's family a survival edge in the harsh African savannah.
Although a person's MHC is an inherited trait, NIAID's Thomas J.
We knew that age when girls have their first period is an inherited trait, transmitted from mother to child.