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BURIAL. The act of interring the dead.
     2. No burial is lawful unless made in conformity with the local regulations; an when a dead body has been found, it cannot be lawfully buried until the coroner has holden an inquest over it. In England. it is the practice for coroners to issue warrants to bury, after a view. 2 Umf. Lex. Coron. 497, 498.

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We refer not only to the degree of uncertainty of each date inasmuch as they consist of a distribution of probability, but mostly to the uncertainties connected with the radiocarbon analysis as an instrumental procedure, namely those factors which are poorly known or of difficult control and which might approximate or separate results regardless of the actual elapsed time between the first and the second inhumation.
The site also included the remains of at least two additional adult inhumations, but it is unknown from which stone-cist grave they were collected.
In this regard, in cases where death of another person or even another family member occurred during this period, it would be natural to use the same structure for inhumation, with the repetition of the deposition of grave goods and of the ritual feasts.
La modicite du tarif et l'exiguite du cimetiere a l'air libre, deja bien rempli, expliquent probablement l'exception que constitue le cimetiere ad sanctos de Saint-Roch des Aulnaies ou, entre 1852 et 1902, 12,7 % des inhumations y sont faites.
Para Lopez Quiroga, la aparicion de ciertos elementos, como ajuares tipicos de las inhumations habillees, rituales ajenos a la tradicion hispanorromana (como la de los nichos laterales o la aparicion de falanges en la boca de los enterrados), o la aparicion de elementos de vestimenta femenina serian indicativos de rituales <<foraneos>> traidos a la Peninsula Iberica por individuos de una cultura y tradiciones diferentes a los presentes en el mundo romano previo.
Viking Age inhumations in Estonia--new interpretations, in P.
Roger Jacobi, principal researcher in ancient human remains at the British Museum in London, said the new age of the Red Lady "indicated a much earlier origin for these elaborate inhumations in Western Europe.
Roger Jacobi, principal researcher in the ancient human occupation of Britain project at the British Museum in London, said the new age of the Red Lady "indicated a much earlier origin for these elaborate inhumations in Western Europe".
The grave goods associated with the cremations and inhumations consist of distinctive carinated jars, jewellery and unimpressive weapons that probably date to the mid seventh century, towards the end of the pagan age when burial demanded the internment of objects with the dead.
107) In Macedonian tombs, however, the choice of material is also closely connected to the funerary rites: stone beds mainly accommodated inhumations, while wooden beds received cremations.
1991 Inhumations the foetus, nouveau-nes et nourinons dans les protohistoriques du Languedoc: l'exemple de Gailhan (Gard).