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adjective basic, beginning, commencing, early, elementary, embryonic, first, fundamental, inaugural, inchoate, incipient, initiative, initiatory, introductory, leading, maiden, nascent, opening, original, prefatory, primal, primary, primus, pristine, rudimentary, starting
Associated concepts: initial carrier, initial fault, initial license, initial loss, initial payment, initial pleading, initial stage of a proceeding
See also: designation, first appearance, inchoate, incipient, indorse, original, preliminary, preparatory, previous, primary, prime, rudimentary, sign, symbol, unprecedented

INITIAL. Placed at the beginning. The initials of a man's name are the first letters of his Dame; as, G. W. for George Washington. When in a will the legatee is described by the initials of his name only, parol evidence may be given to prove his identity. 3 Ves. 148. And a signature made simply with initials is binding. 1 Denio, R. 471. But see Ersk. Inst. B. 3, t. 2, n. 8.

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Generally, the initial segments have a significant impact on the initial delay because it is mostly requested by the client peers in the network.
In particular, we would expect that the averages of the initial segments of the EM-sequence converge to 1/2; this is called the balance conjecture.
However, the work on binomial expressions does not coincide well with predictions related to initial segments.
If -- as most of the accounts on the books have it -- counter factuals supervene on actual history without supervening on any initial segment of it, the chances will turn out to be underminable.
In other words, there is a possible world W* which shares an initial segment with this world (W) up to, and including, the present time (t), but in which a dinosaur miraculously appears in the hallway in one second.
Thus, in view of the importance of proteins and LDH to the process of maturation and metabolism of spermatozoa, the aim of this study was to determine the presence and concentration (localization) of total proteins and LDH in the epididymidis initial segment, caput, corpus and distal cauda in adult laboratory hamster.
Our intuitive idea is that the possible world W is deterministic iff there is only one physically possible future for any initial segment of S of W.
facilitating investigation of axonal and axonal initial segment signaling characteristics, with the axonal side of neuronal activity being largely inaccessible to established methods.
The initial segment of an approach is designed to transition aircraft from the enroute environment to the intermediate segment of the approach, and the initial segment begins with the initial approach fix (IAF).
Direction and altitude you'll fly for the initial segment of the missed approach procedure, should you have to miss the approach.
Nicander & Malmqvist (1977) provided ultrastructural evidence that the small vesicles, similar to those present in the Golgi area, are involved in protein secretion in the initial segment of the mammalian epididymis.

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