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INITIATE. A right which is incomplete. By the birth of a child, the husband becomes tenant by the curtesy initiate, but his estate is not consummate until the death of the wife. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1725.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The programme has invested significant effort in ensuring that the traditional beatings and disciplining, very much a part of the rite of circumcision, are prevented and initiates are given the opportunity to explore the abuse of violence.
The consumer initiates the transfer using a financial institution's audio-response or voice-response telephone system.
TEI believes that the finalization of a change in method of accounting should be binding on the IRS and the taxpayer until (1) there is a change in material fact, (2) there is a change in law, or (3) the taxpayer initiates and obtains the Commissioner's consent to change its method of accounting.
In fact, the first initiates in New York City were Puerto Ricans.
[paragraph] Initiate negotiations with the Russians toward a verified "zero option" for tactical nuclear weapons (as earlier, for intermediate-range nuclear weapons), eliminating all such weapon systems worldwide and dismantling their nuclear warheads, under bilateral safeguards.
Moreover, if the taxpayer initiates the EFT payment on a timely basis but events beyond its control prevent the timely receipt of funds by the state's bank or fiscal agent, no penalty should be imposed.
But since subjects' reported times for awareness of wanting to move were nearly the same for spontaneous and preplanned acts, he suggests that some fundamental unconscious brain process initiates all voluntary acts.
Notice 98-31 provides procedures for accounting method changes that the Service initiates and procedures that it uses for accounting method issues it raises and resolves on a non-accounting method change basis.
The taxpayer initiates an ACH Debit using his taxpayer identification number (TIN) and a four-digit personal identification number (PIN).
When a depositor initiates an ACH debit, it instructs a Treasury Financial Agent (an IRS agent) to withdraw funds from its bank account and route them to the Treasury's account at the Federal Reserve Bank.
Under the ACH Debit method, the taxpayer then initiates the EFT transaction between one and 300 banking days prior to the tax due date and the funds are transferred on die due date.
The Kikuyu elders maintain that the church has no business engaging in the rite of passage and that it has no structures to carry out any advisory role on the initiates.They say that the church should leave it to them to perform the circumcision ceremonies and concentrate in spreading the gospel.