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Ravich recently addressed a group of more than 100 students from the Florida International University College of Law at a recent initiation ceremony for the international legal fraternity of Phi Alpha Delta, Holland Chapter.
A university has launched an investigation into a humiliating initiation ceremony where a student dressed in Nazi uniform presides over heavy drinking, it was revealed last night.
The US may look as though they're about to put Europe across their collective knee and spank them in some bizarre frat-boy initiation ceremony.
Often committing criminal damage is seen as an initiation ceremony for some kids.
Taking on the name Runner in a harrowing initiation ceremony, Runner joins a tribe of street kids ruled by the charismatic but dangerous Dekman.
A full-on initiation ceremony into Santeria, which grew out of the Yoruba religion brought to the Americas by African slaves, would cost a foreigner well over US$1,000.
Through the initiation ceremony, the seed of enlightenment in each person's mind is nourished by the dynamic process of visualizing and contemplating a mandala.
But after the cornice had been the target for a species of initiation ceremony by generations of boys, many of the 300 frieze figures had become badly eroded.
Ito-Yokado group firms hold initiation ceremony for new hires
The question of why it is the initiation ceremony, rather than some other ceremonial form, that is becoming the basis for the integration of this expanding Aboriginal domain is addressed and the fragmentary evidence on the historical growth of the journeys presented.
Often, these children volunteered to defend their bush villages against rebel forces, believing that an initiation ceremony gave them magical powers that deflect enemy bullets.