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Chadiza is among the least developed communities, illiteracy is still high, particularly among women, and the contributing factor is the initiation ceremony,' she explains.
Indeed, athletes often describe their "need" to have an initiation ceremony as a team bonding experience that marks the group as a "team" and its members as "teammates" for the first time.
The initiation ceremony, at 5am on October 17, is being held as part of the Navarathri Festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil.
This year's event included an initiation ceremony for a young grass dancer.
No such luck for Anselme Noumbiwa, an African tribal prince who fled Cameroon in 2006 after being tortured for refusing to take part in an initiation ceremony which involved sleeping with his dead father's widows.
AN investigation into a university initiation ceremony presided over by a figure in Nazi-style uniform has concluded without any suspensions, it emerged today.
Ravich recently addressed a group of more than 100 students from the Florida International University College of Law at a recent initiation ceremony for the international legal fraternity of Phi Alpha Delta, Holland Chapter.
The following month two recruits had tissue paper forced up their backsides and set alight in an initiation ceremony and in April a 15-year-old girl was allegedly smuggled into barracks for a "roasting" sex orgy.
The US may look as though they're about to put Europe across their collective knee and spank them in some bizarre frat-boy initiation ceremony.
A full-on initiation ceremony into Santeria, which grew out of the Yoruba religion brought to the Americas by African slaves, would cost a foreigner well over US$1,000.
The alleged attack by up to four soldiers followed a drinking session and was believed to be part of an initiation ceremony, it said.
But the photographs of the initiation ceremony undergone by new recruits to the Royal Marines beggars belief.