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In his expectation that the village might soon stage another initiation ritual of which he would be the head, he did not allow me even to consider discussing the song with anyone else in the village.
The Ais Am: Introduction to male initiation ritual among the Bimin-Kuskusmin of the West-Sepik district, Papua New Guinea.
Villain Makunga (Alec Baldwin), a lion with a ridiculously big quiff, is trying to take over at the watering hole and tricks Alex into losing an initiation ritual.
Justice Harry Lee Anstead presided over the initiation ritual.
Her family goes all out to celebrate her special leap year day, and Josie is looking forward to taking her driver's exam, nabbing the part of Juliet in the afternoon's play auditions, and heading out to the lake for the super-secret sweet 16 initiation ritual.
These are made by young women and you have to pass an initiation ritual to learn how to make them.
Murray Schafer's Zoroaster, composed in 1971 and first performed on May 24 and 2d5 in Toronto, is a bravely attempted re-creation of an imagined Zoroastrian initiation ritual from Persia 2,500 years ago.
As unpleasant as bullying is, it isn't hazing, which is an organized initiation ritual, often accompanied by demands for humiliating or degrading behavior.
Johnson clearly uses the symbolism of this initiation ritual to structure Rutherford's journey to self-discovery.
Thus the character reaches adulthood only after successfully passing tests of courage and an initiation ritual.
In a bitter poison pen portrait, Ashcroft made a series of extraordinary claims about Cameron's involvement in a drug-taking club at university, a bizarre dinner club initiation ritual and his knowledge of the peer's offshore tax status.
The peer claims the Prime Minister took part in an initiation ritual for the club which involved him inserting "a private part of his anatomy" in the mouth of a dead pig.

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