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verb admit, begin, break ground, bring into use, broach, commence, conceive, direct, discover, enter upon, familiarize, found, give entrance to, implant, inaugurate, inchoate, incipere, inculculate, indoctrinate, induct, inform, install, instill, institute, instruct, introduce, invent, launch, lay the foundation, lead, lead the way, open, originate, pioneer, plant, preinstruct, prepare, present, prime, prompt, propose, set afoot, set going, set up, start, take the initiative, take the lead, teach, think of, train, undertake, usher in
Associated concepts: initiate an action
See also: admit, amateur, arise, cause, commence, conceive, create, educate, elicit, embark, enroll, establish, evoke, form, generate, incite, induct, instate, invent, launch, maintain, make, novice, originate, preface, probationer, prompt, protégé, receive, stimulate, undertake

INITIATE. A right which is incomplete. By the birth of a child, the husband becomes tenant by the curtesy initiate, but his estate is not consummate until the death of the wife. 2 Bouv. Inst. n. 1725.

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The men's rugby team at Aberystwyth University was barred from all competitions after holding the initiations.
This study examines options' market behavior before analysts' initiations.
IOA averaged 83% (range 70-100%) for social initiations and 86% (range 68-100%) for social responses.
We study the timing and significance of dividend initiations in the life cycle of a firm.
During the late '50s, as the Orisha community expanded in New York City, believers would return to Cuba to perform initiations.
The previously published highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) calculator is used to determine the steady-state need for ART initiations.
She is headed for a big initiation there, which she narrates for us--showing how initiations are life-transforming.
The current study examined the effects of video self modeling (VSM) on social initiations using a multiple baseline across participants experimental design.
Symbolically, the deity confers the initiations, and the mandala is where the initiations take place.
The point of initiations should be to unite a team in a playful fashion.
42) But while influential in many evangelical-charismatic circles, Pawson has been strongly criticized by George Beasley-Murray, particularly in his contention that the initiations in the Book of Acts are normative for Christian experience.
Initiations in modern contexts have taken different forms, but maintain similar purposes.

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