Injured at apartment building

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

I hurt my ribs while pushing up against the back door of the apartment building I live in. The door was stuck so I gave it a good push with the side of by body with my left arm bent against my side. The door is broken and is stuck. I was carrying a coffee in my right hand and my bag over my right shoulder, so I used my left side to push against the door. This happened on Monday Nov.28/05 at approx. 7:15 am. I was in pain immediately but continued to go to work. I do a physical job, I am a driver who delivers tires. I have to load the truck, climb on back of truck to remove the tires when I get to the customer. I got through Monday, but on Tuesday it was harder for me to breath, but again I tried to do my job, but had to leave early because it was just too painful.. I went to family Doctor to get an x-ray and have to speak to my Doctor Wednesday morn. My question is would the owner of the building me liable for my lost wages for staying home until I am able to do my job?


Normally not wages but you could ask for or sue for medical costs...