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INJUSTICE. That which is opposed to justice.
     2. It is either natural or civil. 1. Natural injustice is the act of doing harm to mankind, by violating natural rights. 2. Civil injustice, is the unlawful violation of civil rights.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Bridget Green Birmingham WASPI (Women Against State Pension Injustice)
The book also discusses other ways in which Kenya's transitional justice efforts were undermined or reinterpreted, and how they unintentionally served to reinforce certain inequalities and injustices.
Chief Minister said unfortunate was this nation as they constantly voted to people who in return committed injustices against their voters.
In which ways can the theoretical debate around "epistemic injustice" be pluralized in order to account for a variety of cases without, however, getting blurred, voided of sense, thereby losing its critical force?
Abe, who is actively involved with his synagogue, admitted that the injustice of the world often poured down and wore away the rock of his faith.
I must admit to being unfamiliar with this larger body of his work, or how it may cast light on the work in Social Injustice. However, all but one of the included essays appear intended to be able to stand alone, and only occasionally do the essays attempt to sustain a larger argument across chapters.
He held that the nation needed to implement the 1940 resolution in its true spirit and make amends for injustices and deprivations of smaller federating units especially Balochistan.
They claim Sergio is the victim of a media-induced injustice and hinted at a conspiracy against them, claiming it raised questions over the game in this country.
I do not want or need any apologies for my gran as that was a different generation's way of doing things, but what I do want is that we learn from the injustices of the past and a promise that the ones who are not going to suffer in this so-called 'big society' are the poor, the disabled and the old.
We're here to shine a BRITE light on the injustices of MS and all of its repercussions.
"We cannot help but note," he said, "the disturbing spread of various social and political manifestations of evil: from social disorders to anarchy and war, from injustice to acts of violence and killing."