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This year alone, two major books have been published about this collection of writers: The Oxford Inklings by scholar Colin Duriez and The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings by Philip and Carole Zaleski.
The Inklings are gremlins, who live in paint pots at the back of Miss Marker's classroom.
That the Inklings themselves were very different from one another cannot be doubted, but that these differences translated into "no influence" is an unacceptable, though logical, conclusion.
Chapter 1, "Inklings: Building Community," begins logically by exploring the reasons why the Inklings were formed and the shape of the group.
But she's also attracting some daughters and granddaughters of the '70s generation who are perhaps feeling the first inklings of a queer orientation.
The recent SPO '92 conference on specialty polyolefins in Houston aired additional details on performance benefits and also the first inklings of some unusual aspects of these resins' processing behavior.
This was one of the first inklings that something other than direct viral infection destroys the T cells in people with HIV disease, Roederer said.
Over a few cold pints of Guinness, Havard discussed his childhood in Oxford, his memories of the Inklings and their social gatherings, and his father's personal interactions with the Lewises, Tolkien, and others.
The first inklings of this novel state of matter surfaced in 1924.
But for those who content themselves with a mere spark of redemption, who make peace with inklings and wait for the transcendent, Johnson's pronunciation of ``The Name of the World'' will echo in your soul.
Hiley is much more successful in the latter half of the thesis than in the former; as a critical study of the Inklings, the book is seriously flawed, but it does provide worthwhile material on the modernists and succeeds in opening up some good questions for further work.
And there were strong inklings of red-meaty flavor there, too, despite the obvious fact that ostrich is a bird.