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Since the day he brought me his letter from the Emperor, I have watched him carefully, and I believe I can honestly declare that not once in these eighteen months has he looked away from his task, nor has he given to one single person even an inkling of the thoughts which have passed through his mind.
cried the servant, not without some inkling that, whilst deploring the mishap which had befallen Van Baerle, he was announcing agreeable news to his master, -- "oh, sir
Untouched by the contagious malady himself, nevertheless he would have married her if he had had the slightest inkling of what she contemplated.
Billy queried, striving to get some inkling of the identity of the physical prodigy.
Jurgis wondered who had first thought of it; and when he was told that it was a common thing for men to do in America, he got the first inkling of a meaning in the phrase "a free country.
Put the case that he took her in, and that he kept down the old wild violent nature whenever he saw an inkling of its breaking out, by asserting his power over her in the old way.
Both are first-rate contributions to Inklings studies.
The Inklings, one learns, were accomplished in many forms of literary endeavor and, in a few cases, in nonliterary pursuits as well.
The Inklings could be chronicled from a variety of angles: as individuals, as a group, as literary artists, as academics, as religious believers, or as people influenced by their time and place.
The Inklings not only created such well-known works as the Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series, the members defended Christianity and provided hope against a culture of despair.
YOUNGER members enjoying watching the Olympics might also enjoy a book with a games theme - The Inklings, by Angela Ashton and Sue Byron.