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The preparation of lepromin complies with the standardisation and safety norms recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for selecting and processing tissues used for bacilli extraction, sterility tests, innocuity, cutaneous reactivity, total content of protein, total content of phenol and bacilli counting, whose concentration must range from 40 to 160 million per millilitre.
The adoptions of innocuity and quality standards are defining new institutional, organizational and technological trajectories in global level.
In a dramatic letter to former Chancellor Hutchins, Rosenthal confirmed Kimpton's estimation of the forthcoming issue: "I do not at this point see how I can publish an issue with the criterion of innocuity.
A recombinant vaccinia-rabies virus in the immuno-compromised host: oral innocuity, progressive parenteral infection, and therapeutics.
The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP), recommended by different international organizations as the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Office of Epizootics (OIE) and the International Convention for Vegetables Protection (ICPV) amongst others, contributes to ensuring the innocuity of food along the agroalimentary chain and requires of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for its implementation, GMP's which are legislated in most countries.
The innocuity of the lactococci also makes them suitable for the oral delivery of molecules which have been shown in studies in various laboratories to possess the capacity of down-regulating established immune responses.
Therefore, it is necessary to look for and design alternative storage methods during transport and distribution that will assure that quality and innocuity of the product will be maintained until it is offered to the consumer.