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213, the pilot or an appropriately rated mechanic, must determine "the inoperative instrument or equipment does not constitute a hazard to the aircraft.
Second, you must follow the steps and limitations of the MEL; it may permit operators to disable the inoperative equipment, or it may require actions performed by mechanics.
Notice how the regulation prohibits you only from taking off with inoperative equipment.
Taxpayers of many years are fleeing, leaving an inoperative City Council.
But the scientists speculate that by making the mammary cells dormant and bringing them close to the point of death, something happens to break the chemical locks that have kept most of the genes inoperative.
I didn't lie, Senator; I merely put forth an inoperative statement,'' one witness told the congressional investigative panel.
We'll have the patrol personnel - officers as well as police service assistants - look for vehicles which have expired registrations and look for vehicles that are obviously inoperative or, in some cases, may have grass growing underneath them or have debris.
The overheating could be caused by a plugged radiator or a stuck thermostat, but since it happens when you're stuck in traffic, I'd put my money on an inoperative cooling fan.