Inquest of

OFFICE, INQUEST OF. An examination into a matter by an officer in virtue of his office. Vide Inquisition.

References in classic literature ?
On reaching the highway they separated, the sheriff to summon twenty- four “good men and true,” to attend as thc inquest of the county, on the succeeding Monday, when Marmaduke held his stated court of “common pleas and general sessions of the peace,” and the Judge to return, musing deeply on what he had seen and heard in the course of the morning.
THE inquest of murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko could examine the possible role of British spies in his death.
Keith Allen sees his documentary as 'an inquest of the inquest'
His inquest in March 2002 lasted only four hours but the inquest of Private James Collinson, who died four days after Geoff's inquest, lasted more than three weeks.
South Staffordshire coroner Andrew Haigh yesterday recorded a verdict of accidental death at the inquest of Coventry Sphinx boss Willie Knibbs, aged 42.