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INQUISITOR. A designation of sheriffs, coroners, super visum corporis, and the like, who have power to inquire into certain matters.
     2. The name, of an officer, among ecclesiastics, who is authorized to inquire into heresies, and the like, and to punish them. An ecclesiastical judge.

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To this end, he focuses on particular people who were tried by Inquisitors for having abnormal genitalia.
In this fascinating book, Karen Sullivan, whose previous books include The Interrogation of Joan of Arc and Truth and the Heretic: Crises of Knowledge in Medieval French Literature, explores the motivations of selected medieval inquisitors as revealed by their words and actions.
He describes the petty bickering among the religious orders for precedence in seating and the animosity between the inquisitors and the viceroy.
Because of this incredulity, inquisitors "paid little attention to the magic that was widely used by ordinary people" in the late middle ages (14).
Inquisitorial action prior to the mid-sixteenth century remained largely in the hands of individual inquisitors, who kept careful records, hired notaries and often appointed vicars, sometimes were supported by secular rulers, generally had domus inquisitionis within their friaries at their disposal, and carried out their responsibilities with greater or lesser regularity, with no constant oversight to keep them focused on their job.
Columbus made a deal with King Ferdinand and Isabella allowing him to obtain a land where he would essentially be an independent ruler, and where the Inquisition and its inquisitors would not be able to enforce church law.
And because Professor Berco wants to reveal the values of his early modern subjects, one has to wonder why he neglected bestiality, which clearly featured a penetrative sexuality, which was also practiced by men accused of sodomy with other men, and which was included in the category of sodomy prosecuted by inquisitors in Zaragoza, Valencia, and Barcelona.
When asked at his Friday press conference about players signing new contracts he delighted in teasing his inquisitors.
Sixteenth-century mathematicians Girolamo Cardano and Niccolo Tartaglia argued over the invention of cubic equations, ending when Tartaglia allegedly turned over Cardano to Spanish inquisitors.
along with his suit of clothes," when she visited his hovel to put balm on his wounds after the Inquisitors flagellated him, whereupon Candide kills the Jew.
At first, the inquisitors did not seem to know what to make of such charges or how to proceed, and so dropped the cases rather than pursuing them to a clear conclusion.
SIR - The spin doctors of New Labour have decided to conduct question-and-answer sessions with young people and avoid being questioned by top TV inquisitors like John Humphreys and Jeremy Paxman (Chatshow Blair to avoid TV tough inquisitors, Western Mail, January 20).