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It is gratifying that Inroads would appeal to someone with his intellectual curiosity.
We are there in UP, MP or Rajasthan but these states along Coromandel are where we still have to make inroads.
INROADS is a large non-profit source of salaried corporate internships, develops diverse, skilled talent to become corporate America's future leaders.
But scene - in wh dress as glam making inroad This fascin frightenin meets the who spen styling th Barbie do This fascinating, and frightening, documentary meets the real-life mums who spend a fortune styling their children like Barbie dolls.
The central bank of Kenya has in a report said that it made significant inroads into preventing money laundering activities in 2012.
Too small and technically too wobbly to make many commercial inroads, the film should nonetheless parlay its Locarno preem to further lest inroads.
Thirdly, although it is common that Japanese companies make inroads into foreign markets, and foreign companies make inroads into Japanese markets, nationalism has become more intense in Japan.
Inroads, on Market Street in Huddersfield town centre, works with people aged 16 to 30.
The Dial Corporation was awarded Company of the Year by Inroads at the organization's 19th annual awards banquet.
The victory of the Holy League secured Christian Europe, at least for a while, from further inroads by the 'religion of peace'.
He just needs to sort out the other side of his life - and is making big inroads on doing that.
The highly danceable music, which resembles an electronic offspring of polka, first grabbed hold in Puerto Rico before making inroads in major Latino markets in Miami, Los Angeles and New York.