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Kirkbride's ideas on design of insane asylums were first presented in 1854 as a series of propositions (Carter, 1986) and were later published in 1880 under the title On the Construction, Organization, and General Management for Hospitals for the Insane (Kirkbride 1880).
Kevin previously featured in the Sunday Mercury with his Insane Asylums of England.
A wide variety of historical writings about public institutions have highlighted the fact that the number of aged people admitted to Houses of Industry or Refuge and Insane asylums increased dramatically during the later decades of the nineteenth century.
The family care debate is particularly evident in the literature on nineteenth-century insane asylums.
This paper is an attempt to determine if families in nineteenth-century Ontario acted as Andrew Scull suggests and abandoned their burdensome aged relatives to insane asylums to be rid of them or if they committed elderly people to institutions only as a last desperate resort in the absence of viable alternatives.
15) According to published official documents, therefore, the increase in elderly admissions to insane asylums was due to the growing indifference on the part of families towards their aged kin.
While it is true that the aged did become a larger presence in mental institutions during the latter years of the nineteenth-century, the actual portion of the total aged population found inside insane asylums changed little between 1866 and 1906.
38) Also, whether they were adequate or not, insane asylums were the only places a confused or ill aged person could receive anywhere near the amount of supervision or medical care they needed.
These documents are replete with examples of "helpless old dements", who could be "easily cared for at home," if only their families were not so willing to heartlessly shirk their responsibilities and send their aged relatives to an insane asylum.