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Depending on the type of allergy suspected, samples were tested by the 2 in vitro sIgE assays either for 7 aeroallergens (3 indoor and 4 outdoor aeroallergens) or 2 insect venoms (Table 2 of the online Data Supplement).
The tenderizer contained papain, an enzyme that breaks down protein and has long been considered to be an anti-inflammatory effective against the pain-producing proteins in insect venom.
com/research/5fa09b/encyclopedia_of_cl) has announced the addition of Informa Healthcare's "Encyclopedia of Clinical Toxicology: A Comprehensive Guide to the Toxicology of Prescription and OTC Drugs, Chemical, Herbals, Plants, Fungi, Marine Life, Reptile and Insect Venoms, Food Ingredients, Clothing and Environmental Toxins" book to their extensive offering of medical research publications.