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INSENSIBLE. In the language of pleading, that which is unintelligible is said to be insensible. Steph. Pl. 378.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Insensible of having transgressed taboos, Paul seemed blithe about his wet red palms.
In the days when the US is trying to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula, the reckless and insensible announcement of American President weeks before the new summit with Pyongyang also casts shadows of doubt and uncertainty over the success of the much-awaited summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.
Toutefois, malgre ce faible niveau des taux, la Bourse semble insensible aux donnees fondamentales, dependant essentiellement du manque de confiance des investisseurs et de l'influence des marches emergents et frontieres.
Andersen was taken to the South Dispensary in an insensible state, where he was found to have a fracture to his skull.
"A human being cries for justice when he feels that the insensible act has crucified his self-respect.
This is a clear indication that they do not have the support of the people or else they will not recourse to this insensible killing even to former members of the AFP who have lived a simple civilian life." said Brig.
Meanwhile, he described DAP's announcement on the appointment of only state DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen as federal minister for Sarawak should they win the general election as insensible considering the size of the state, which is almost as big as the peninsula.
'All truth is good but not all truth is good to say,' yes, but the truth about Boracay must be said; otherwise, the truth shall not make it free from the clutches of the insensible, the corrupt and the greedy.
According to police sources, the incident took place when they went to their bed at night after leaving gas heater turn on due to cold weather, leaving them insensible on the spot.
Such an inhuman and insensible act cannot be expected from a teacher.
Il a entame son repertoire par la chanson '' Lima Badhamet ala sadri'', dansante et tres rythmee, qui n' a pas laisse insensible les jeunes pour l'accompagner avec de la danse.