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Inst. 178.

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On the 19th inst, a melee occurred between British West Indian troops and some white wounded men, both parties being fellow patients at the hospital.
Tuesday: Clarendon Hotel v Lazenby Utd, Skelton Green Inn v Cleveland Hotel, Harry's Bar v Coatham Road, New Marske Inst v The Vic, Translift v Turners Mill.
Out half Thomas Shorten missed two early penalties and as the battle for supremacy up front went on the Wallace pack gradually grew in stature while Inst.
Heck's demonstration that the |short' and |long' versions represent two successive editions of Inst.
Saints were under the cosh when Foden, aints Courtney , Lawes, awes, e ylan Hartl y and Co were a h ylan Hartley and Co wer were aw e away at the way s Wo World Cup last year and the full-back s orld said it was inst pa pay-back time.
BOYS BILLIARDS RESULTS in the Teesside Boys Billiards and Snooker League are: Week Three: Ormesby Inst ''A'' 12 Ormesby Inst ''B'' 2; Stockton Buffs 14 N O Inst ''B'' 0; N O Inst ''A'' 0 H'pool ''B'' 14.
METHODY clinched their 29th Schools Cup triumph after an 8-6 triumph over arch rivals Inst at Ravenhill yesterday.
Limited Tenders are invited for Job of procurement & installation of smoke detectors system at wadilube inst.