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INSTALMENT, contracts. A part of a debt due by contract, and agreed to be paid at a time different from that fixed for the, payment of the other part. For example, if I engage to pay you one thousand dollars, in two payments, one on the first clay of January, and the other on the first day of July, each of these payments or obligations to pay will be an instalment .
     2. In such case each instalment is a separate debt so far that it may be tendered at any time, or the first may be sued for although the other shall not be due. Dane's Ab. vol. iii. ch. 93, art. 3, s. 11, page 493, 4; 1 Esp. R. 129; Id. 226; 3 Salk. 6, 18: Esp. R. 235; 1 Maule & Selw. 706.
     3. A debtor who by failing to pay three instalments of rent due on a lease would forfeit his estate, may, in order to save it, tender one instalment to prevent the forfeiture, although there may be two due at the time, and he is not bound to tender both. 6 Toull. n. 688.

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For social insurance arrears up to e1/4500, the instalment is e1/425; e1/450 for between e1/4500 and e1/41,000 owed, and e1/475 for over e1/41,000.
After paying 74 instalments to M/s Tamweel LLC, Senator Dar gifted the said house to his sons, Mr.
Option 3--For the first two months, pay 1/12th of the second preceding year's tax liability and for the remaining 10 months, pay l/10th of the difference between the first instalment base and the first two payments.
The instalment can be paid by cash or banking methods specified by the governmental authority or department.
Each instalment must be less than three months in separation.
He explained that CBE's regulations do not apply to these companies and as such the companies that dealt with the banks will redirect their customers' demands through their own instalment systems.
As per revised schedule of payment, the allotees can make payment of first instalment till February, 28, 2014, second instalment till April, 30, 2014, third instalment till June, 30, 2014, fourth instalment till August, 31, 2014, fifth instalment till October , 31, 2014 and 6th instalment till December, 31, 2014.
Following the success of Shu's subsidiary Gulf Finance Corporation in the UAE, Gulf Installments Company, the new Saudi-based instalment company focused on providing instalment and lease financing to businesses across a variety of sectors and assets will be operated by Gulf Finance under a management contract with Shu.
The CDA replied in December 2010 that the lessee stopped payment of instalment due to non-provision of services as per contract agreement.