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INSTANCE COURT, Eng. law. The English court of admiralty is divided into two distinct tribunals; the one having, generally, all the jurisdiction of the admiralty, except in prize cases, is called the instance court; the other, acting under a special commission, distinct from the usual commission given to judges of the admiralty, to enable the judge in time of war to assume the jurisdiction of prizes, and' called Prize court.
     2. In the United States, the district courts of the U. S. possess all the powers of courts of admiralty, whether considered as instance or prize courts. 3 Dall. R. 6. Vide 1 Gall. R. 563; Bro. Civ. & Adm. Law, ch. 4 & 5; 1 Kent, Com. 355, 378. Vide Courts of the United States; Prize Court.

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The First Instance Court found him guilty and he was sentenced to a year in jail to be followed by deportation.
According to PCHR's follow-up, the First Instance Court in Khan Younis sentenced a woman (N.
The girl and her family accompanied him to a hearing at the Tribunal de Grande Instance court in Boulogne yesterday.
We hope that the supreme instance court will abide by international law norms.
First instance court rules "Al-Wefaq" suspension for 3 months, effective after its general assembly convenes.
Judge Gashi ordered return of the criminal case to the first instance court for continuing the trial procedure as well as speeding up the rule in the case and getting approval of the Chairman of the Judiciary of Khartoum State for renewing arrest of the accused persons.
It also allows the First Instance Court to delegate judges from the Court of Appeal to personal status department.
The first instance court of Kentron-Nork Marash administrative districts sentenced Tigran Arakelyan to 6 years in prison, Artak
HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, on a visit to the Kingdom, visited on Tuesday the Temara first instance court, particularly the special unit in charge of women victims of conjugal violence.
The First Instance Court in the Wilayat of Jaalan Bani BuAli has issued three orders against the accused for violating different articles of the Consumer Protection Law No.
The Federal First Instance Court found the defendant guilty on charges of smuggling foreign currency and sentenced him to serve one-year term of imprisonment.
Head of Bethlehem First Instance Court, Judge Emad Msawdeh, and the Ramallah Court of Appeal, Judge Ashraf Iriqat, also joined the visit, it stated.