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Offering instant messenger compatibility, we are making sure that all your 2011 party pictures, holiday fun can be shared with your friends on the instant messenger
com/) launches the first ever YellowPages over AOL and MSN instant messenger with screen name "FreeYellowPages".
com) launches the first ever dictionary over AOL and MSN instant messenger with screen name "MyDictionary".
IM is fast becoming one of the most popular online communications applications through free Internet-linked services including AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and closed local networks such as WiredRed.
The move will enable instant messenger users to access a video chat service that will let them communicate and view other members.
Internet messaging software provider Ipswitch Inc has launched the Ipswitch Instant Messenger for businesses.
has moved aggressively to expand the availability of its services from PCs to Web-enabled phones which will send and receive AOL e-mail and use its instant messenger chat network and receive AOL content.
Buzz Technologies' New Instant Messenger Service Allows Users to Watch Videos and Television, Listen and Share Music, All From Users' Instant Messenger Box
While there are presently more than 40 such services, the major free options include America Online's AOL Instant Messenger (www.
Paltalk was the first company to launch an Instant Messenger with video and voice capability combined with an online buddy list.