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Instant Messenger is the second MSN service after Hotmail which is being offered by wireless operators KPN Mobile Netherlands, Belgium's Proximus, Denmark's TDC Mobile, Switzerland's Swisscom and TDC-owned Sunrise, Austria's ONE/Connect, Norway's Telenor and Turkey Turkcell.
Our Enterprise Instant Messenger solution incorporates all of the knowledge and experience we've gathered through years of proven threat protection and management of email and web traffic.
Most organizations today have sanctioned the use of the Internet and tools such as instant messenger to increase productivity in the workplace.
In addition, serving as the platform for WorldFriends Phone, Vivox's technology will allow users to conveniently communicate with each other via instant messenger programs, regardless of the branded IM service they may currently use.
As AOL rolls out additional formats with new versions of AOL Instant Messenger, Unicast will continue to provide ad technology and support.