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And, it does not just occur in person--it also takes place when people are on computers Instant Messaging each other.
Flynn says it's not really like a phone call in the sense that instant messaging, just like e-mail, leaves a recordable and recoverable digital data trail, which can be used by an employer or company, or against that same company, depending on the nature of the litigation or claim.
Behavioral performance and visual attention in communication multitasking: A comparison between instant messaging and online voice chat.
By facilitating virtual campus services, office hours, library services and tutoring sessions, the new instant messaging service supported several of these--promoting educational attainment, workforce development and lifelong learning.
The purpose of this research is to identify strengths, weaknesses, and the way employees use instant messaging to support daily operations.
"We find that employees are quite strategic in their use of instant messaging. They are using it to check in with their colleagues to find out if they're busy before interrupting them in a more intrusive way," Garrett affirms.
As with instant messaging, mobile messaging has found early applications in some arenas and slow acceptance in others.
That time hasn't quite come yet, but the most recent evolution of the Chat Room, Instant Messaging (IM), stands a chance of turning CRM on its ear.
It enables on-demand Visual Instant Messaging, Web-based video chat, live interactive Web events and more.
Instant messaging will also be made available on cellular phones, through MSN Mobile Services.
Instant messaging could be the next communication revolution for the finance function.
For fast-paced interaction, turn to one of the Internet's real-time services: instant messaging and live chat [see box below].