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INSTAR. Likeness; resemblance; equivalent as, instar dentium, like teeth; instar omnium, equivalent to all.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The purchase expands the fleet of railcars owned by Instar and is the largest purchase by the company since its inception in 2016.
Choice experiments were used to investigate the oviposition preferences of female parasitoids for second through fifth instar D.
From the experiment, in the 4th instar stage, higher values were obtained for the relative consumption rate (RCR) and the relative metabolic rate (RMR) in the FV + LIG + LDG regimen, while the relative growth rate (RGR) exhibited no difference between the regimens (Table 1).
First instar larvae from reared eggs constructed provisional tubular cases with detritus before adding leaf fragments.
It takes about three days to fully spin a cocoon and turn into pupa.The caterpillar goes into stages until it reaches the fifth instar before it spins the cocoon.
The launch of the INSTAR Wallet will allow users to subscribe to Insights' partners' blockchain projects and be rewarded with INSTAR tokens for their data.
matsumurai caughtwas 28: adults 3; old nymphs 17 (4th instar 13,5th instar 4); and young nymphs 8 (1st instar 4, 2nd instar 3, 3rd instar 1), respectively (Figure 4(b)).
Eggs were in the form of cluster (6-7 eggs / cluster); While three larval instars were found (1st, 2nd and 3rd instar), which not only have difference in size and color, but the visibility of alimentary canal in 2nd instar and presence of black moles on anterior and caudal side of 3rd instar are very distinguish characteristics of the Bactrocera dorsalis larvae.
It is obvious also from the data presented in table (1) that (Bt-TNTs) resulted in 80% emergence for both 2nd and 4th instars. There was also a decrease in emergence percent to be 70% for the 4th instar in case of (Bt) alone compared to 100% emergence for both 2nd and 4th instars in case of control sample.