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As a result, the reproductive advantage appears no longer to belong to the higher IQ individuals and populations as presupposed by Darwinian evolutionary selection in prehistory and early historic times, but to those less intelligent individuals and populations that still rely heavily on Darwinian instinctive behavior.
Evolution, behavior principles, and developmental systems: A review of Gottlieb's synthesizing nature-nurture: prenatal roots of instinctive behavior.
Perhaps these people don't have much of a point of comparison, but I think more likely their affection is causing them tn anthropomorphize instinctive behavior and they are confusing trainability with intelligence.
And somewhere between science and instinctive behavior, scents become instigators of both rational and emotional responses.
A model based on instinctive behavior would be a direct challenge to the assumption of a rational decision maker that operates behind most models of repression.
What scientists believe to be instinctive behavior might be altered by the social mechanism we call hunting, as well as the deer/human interaction in logging, farming, hiking, mountain biking, nature watching, etc.
Whilst his defence of the claim that the conditions of possibility of rule following include membership of a community is inconclusive, the paper on the relation of language to instinctive behavior is an admirably clear description of Wittgenstein's alternative to mentalism.