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The institutionalization part started slowly and jerkingly with the establishment of the local stock exchange but it took many years before this became a meaningful, functional institution.
Of course, the most urgent consideration is selecting the optimal time frame for this kind of analysis, as Farrar-Myers explains: "[O]ne that is too early may not uncover sufficient coordinated scripts for analysis, but in a later period the coordinated scripts may be so well established that they also do not fully reflect the institutionalization process" (p.
It could even be that our very reception of ten- or fifteen-year-old works, reprinted texts, and tardy translations (by the likes of Douglas Crimp, Asher, Buren, Haacke, Rosler, Buchloh, and Burger), and our perception of those works and texts as canonical, was a central moment in the process of institutional critique's so-called institutionalization.
As a result of the snapshot taken of each spouse's assets on the first day the institutionalized spouse enters the nursing home, the resources of the community spouse acquired after the first day of institutionalization do not count as available resources.
The film told us relatively little about the kind of treatment he received after refusing further institutionalization following his first bout of delusions.
The draft says district courts should decide on institutionalization of the offenders after considering whether they will commit serious crimes again.
The program provides an opportunity for real estate industry executives to share their success by supporting Community Access in transitioning individuals with psychiatric disabilities from homelessness and institutionalization to independent living.
Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr went further than that in the institutionalization of the internal system of maria'iya.
Methods and specific examples of how faculty, staff, students, and community members can work together collaboratively toward institutionalization of CSL are presented.
However, a renewed focus on institutionalization, as suggested by Palley and Van Hollen (2000), is not a progressive solution.
In a study of 127 stroke patients reported in the November 1999 issue of Stroke (39:11), victims who died or required institutionalization showed significantly elevated ratios when compared with those who were able to recover enough to return home.
With this paper I hope to contribute to the literature by proposing the institutionalization of geographic information technologies.