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The commencement or initiation of anything, such as an action. An establishment, particularly one that is eleemosynary or public by nature.

An institution can be any type of organized corporation or society. It may be private and designed for the profit of the individuals composing it, or public and nonprofit.


(Commencement), noun beginning, inception, initiation, installation, installment, open introduction


(Custom), noun academy, alliance, bylaw, canon, code, custom, established usage, familiar practice, fraternity, institute, law, league, ordinance, organization, permanent rule, place of education, prevalent practice, regulation, union
See also: association, building, concern, corporation, custom, firm, formation, foundation, installation, institute, organization, prescription, rubric

INSTITUTION, eccl. law. The act by which the ordinary commits the cure of souls to a person presented to a benefice.

INSTITUTION, political law. That which has been established and settled by law for the public good; as, the American institutions guaranty to the citizens all privileges and immunities essential to freedom.

INSTITUTION, practice. The commencement of an action; as, A B has instituted a suit against C D, to recover damages for a trespass.

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institutions or programs operating outside of the United States.
If one were to examine the social sciences today, one of the most interesting approaches is a return to consideration of institutions and their impact on social and economic structures of evolving societies.
EPN's OFAC Screening provides a cost-effective solution for financial institutions of all sizes to manage their cross-border ACH traffic," said Rossana Salaris, senior vice president of The Clearing House, responsible for EPN.
The agencies encourage financial institutions to assist affected institutions and consider all reasonable and prudent actions that could help meet the critical financial needs of their customers and their communities.
higher education institutions continued to grow impacting campus Information Technology (IT) activities and investments.
How, then, can we imagine, much less accomplish, a critique of art institutions when museum and market have grown into an all-encompassing apparatus of cultural reification?
Institutions fail for the same reasons the dinosaurs died--an inability or unwillingness to recognize and respond to a changed environment.
Institutions can be certain that once the student-athlete has signed a Letter of Intent, there is no need to continue recruiting for that position.
For monetary and economic issues, the Bretton Woods institutions were founded.
Educational institutions became an important means to pass along what was gradually being construed as a proud Baptist heritage.
In his view, instead of being a single institution, the danwei, was comprised of distinct institutions of rules and norms for how workers would be hired, organized, and compensated.

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