INSTRUMENTA. This word is properly applied to designate that kind of evidence, which consists of writings not under seal, as court rolls, accounts, and the like. 3 Tho. Co. Litt. 487.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Among their topics are dressing philosophy with sal niger: Horace's role in Seneca's approach to the diatribic tradition, custode rerum Caesare: Horatian civic engagement and the Senecan tragic chorus, studiorum instrumenta: loaded libraries in Seneca and Horace, constructing oneself in Horace and Seneca, and their influence on the Anglo-Latin "moralizing lyric" in early modern England.
La rencontre a vu notamment la participation du docteur Noureddine Melikechi, professeur et Doyen de Kennedy College of Sciences, relevant de University of Massachusetts Lowel, AaAaAeA@galement chercheur AaAaAeA la N de Amar Chaker, Directeur AaAaAeA l'Engineering Mechanics Institute, de Lot Belblidia, ingAaAaAeA@nieur nucellaire, de Mme Rahmouna Rouni, IngAaAaAeA@nieur instrumenta et contrAaAaAeA le de systAaAaAeA?mes, AaAaAeA@galement prAaAaAeA@sidente de Maghreb-America Foundation et de Mme Hakima Amri, professeur de Physiologie et de Biochimie AaAaAeA Georgetown University.
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Othe key signings completed under Granovskaia were David Luiz from Benfica and Fernando Torres from Liverpool and was also instrumenta in Mourinho's return to the club after several seasons with Real Madrid.
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He has been a professor at the Sim-n Bol'var University and professor of the "Instrumenta" project at the Universidad de las Amricas in Puebla, Mexico.

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