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Ceramic Insulators- Major type for the industrial insulator market
The company has an extensive line-up of multi-functional insulators that are resistant to dirt and lightning damage and have compactness without compromise o strength or isolation capacity
Top insulator manufacturers operating in the global arena include NGK insulators, Seves, Lapp Insulators and Aditya Birla Nuvo.
Insulators coated with Powersil 570 Plus pass the 1,000-hour salt-fog test as per IEC 62217.
Glass insulators were used beginning in the mid-1850s atop telegraph, telephone and power poles.
The Indian venture will use the existing production lines of the insulator business division of Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd.
Under a recycling law enforced a year ago, home appliance makers are obliged to collect and dispose of CFCs used in refrigerators and air conditioners, but there have been problems with the gas being freed from construction insulators, it said.
Since the '98 storm, Hydro-Quebec has installed 90,000 GLP insulators and has experienced no electrical or mechanical failures.
Since electrical ceramics is a highly specialized industry requiring skill, experience, time tested formulae and proven know-how, EMCO signed a technical collaboration agreement for 15 years with NGK Insulators Limited, Japan who are the world's largest and most renowned manufacturers of Insulators.
Electricity demand is growing, and demand for cables, insulators and transmission towers is growing with it.
The purpose of the qualification system is the selection of potential suppliers for the provision of section insulators for catenary of tramway STIB network and the provision of any accessories.
Insulators in India are a part of the electrical equipment industry and can be broadly divided into three types on the basis of material - Ceramic/Porcelain insulators, Composite/ Polymer insulators and Glass insulators.