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9 of the relative Fire Insurance Policy is concerned, any Loss or Damage caused by an Explosion of Gas used for illuminating or domestic purposes in a premises/building, wherein Gas would not be generated or Gas-works are not being carried on, shall be deemed to be Loss or Damage by Fire within the meaning of the relative Fire Insurance Policy.
Accordingly, the claimant argued that the arbitration clause was not valid, since it should have been included in the specific terms of the insurance policy.
Policyholders, not the insurer, decide where to direct investments within a tax-protected life insurance policy.
When choosing a life settlement provider to acquire an unneeded insurance policy, select one that is both institutionally owned and funded.
A lease agreement between the lessor and the lessee requires that the lessee acquire an insurance policy for the vehicle, which identifies the lessor as the named/additional insured.
In this situation, your camp liability insurance policy would be primary insurance for you and the ropes course owner.
If you designate The VRG as a beneficiary of a will, pension plan, or life insurance policy, please use our full, legal name: The Vegetarian Resource Group, Inc.
Each insurer has standard policy language adapted to the particular terms of the deal, Indeed, one of the mistakes that some policyholders have made with M&A insurance is not ensuring that the terms of the insurance policy mirror the terms in the transaction documents.
All of these questions should be taken into consideration when determining an appropriate limit on your insurance policy.
In response to customer demands, IT vendors and security firms are now partnering with insurance companies to provide security consulting and management services packaged with an insurance policy.
In real estate, timing is everything, and the right type of life insurance policy essentially serves as a letter of credit, providing money just when it is most needed.

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