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Completed; made whole or entire. Desegregated; converted into a nonracial, nondiscriminatory system.

A contract that has been adopted as a final and complete expression of an agreement between two parties is an integrated agreement.

A school that has been integrated has been made into one in which students, faculty, staff, facilities, programs, and activities combine individuals of different races.


School Desegregation.

See: coadunate, collective, composite, compound, conjoint, inseparable
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By controlling their production levels, integrated steel mills were able to keep prices from dropping to levels that were seen in previous down cycles, which wiped out a number of steel mills.
The purpose of the attitudinal survey was to collect data concerning the attitudes of students towards mathematics in both the traditional and integrated mathematics groups.
Clearly, an integrated system is much better prepared to consider efficient utilization of such resources.
Nevertheless, Indonesian officials were convinced they almost had a catastrophe, and the goverment and the FAO embarked in 1986 on a crash program to educate farmers about integrated pest management and the dangers of pesticide use.
the large integrated steelmaker based in Pittsburgh, agrees that tariffs have helped improve the markets for both integrated steel companies and their mini-mill

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