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Completed; made whole or entire. Desegregated; converted into a nonracial, nondiscriminatory system.

A contract that has been adopted as a final and complete expression of an agreement between two parties is an integrated agreement.

A school that has been integrated has been made into one in which students, faculty, staff, facilities, programs, and activities combine individuals of different races.


School Desegregation.

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Thus, the rapidly increasing demand for semiconductors is expected to boost the integrated passive device market in the near future.
South Africa's Big Six accounting and auditing firms have specialized teams that offer integrated reporting advisory services.
By controlling their production levels, integrated steel mills were able to keep prices from dropping to levels that were seen in previous down cycles, which wiped out a number of steel mills.
When service learning was first integrated into the course (with a specific number of service hours to be completed), groups consisted of students who worked at the same agency.
Stein's comprehensive capabilities include market research, integrated marketing strategy and planning, web site development and hosting, custom web site applications, integrated email and direct mail campaigns with sophisticated response tracking, research-driven publications and advertising.
MORGAN&MYERS (See advertisement in this issue) N16 W23233 Stone Ridge Dr, Suite 200, Waukesha, WI 53188,262/650-7260, FAX: 262/650-7261 Web site: Year established: 1982 Pres: Tim Oliver ( Branch offices: Waterloo: 1005 Stratford Ave., Waterloo, IA 50701, 319/233-0502, FAX: 319/233-8077 Minneapolis: 2909 Hennepin Ave.S., Minneapolis, MN 55408;612/825-005, FAX: 612/825-9599 Principal, Dir, Integrated Marketing Communications: Janine Whipps ( Dir.
2) SGOS' best-in-class, trusted brand incorporation of proven security leaders, such as McAfee and SurfControl, requires an integrated HDD in order to run current and future applications in context with other network services in real time at the gateway with minimal degradation to network performance.
"Integrated Computerized Deployment System is the perfect presentation portal," said Lord.
The iSCSI storage server controller described above is an integrated ASIC device that embeds 12 specialized processors and super-fast state machines to create scalable front-end and back-end interfaces.
For example, there may be industry analyst comments, press clippings, customer testimonials or a video clip produced for a customer meeting that can be integrated into a PowerPoint presentation for analysts.
Common platforms and web tools have enabled a new generation of integrated information systems throughout mills and entire companies.

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