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8) With reference to Wolfgang Hogrebe's terminology I would characterize intellectual intuition as a prepredicative or prereflexive kind of "knowing" or "grasping" of the identity mentioned above; Wolfgang Hogrebe, Pradikation und Genesis.
10) SW 2:625: "This universally acknowledged and altogether incontestable objectivity of intellectual intuition is art itself.
95) The concept of intellectual intuition used here cannot be assimilated to the Kantian concept without distortion of its basic meaning.
Neuhouser, for example, simply asserts that "[o]f course, Fichte's doctrine of intellectual intuition should not be understood as attributing to the human intellect the power of creating its objects of knowledge" (Fichte's Theory of Subjectivity, 77).
Of course, to point out that Hegel thinks of thought as intellectual intuition does not prove that he is right to do so.
I should note, by the way, that in arguing that Hegel understands thought to be the intellectual intuition of being, I am taking a position that is at odds with that adopted by Alan White who has presented the most comprehensive defense of Hegel against Schelling in his book, Absolute Knowledge: Hegel and the Problem of Metaphysics.
Indeed, it is the intellectual intuition of the very being itself which Schelling talks of in his 1842-3 lectures on the introduction to the philosophy of revelation.
For instead of production being directed outward in order to reflect the unconscious [UnbewuBte] through products, as in art, philosophical production directs itself inwards in order to reflect it in intellectual intuition.
Genius is something that the I could never be for philosophy, even for a philosophy that insists on the immediacy of an intellectual intuition of a self-producing subjectivity.
Genius, that "dark power," is as obscure and indeterminate as the I in intellectual intuition.

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